AK-47 FAST Seeds


AK-47 FAST Seeds

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AK-47 FAST Seeds


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AK-47 FAST Flowering is a new twist on a well known cannabis strain, which is renowned for it’s powerful and long lasting cerebral effects. The FAST Version of AK-47 reduces the flowering time by about 2 weeks indoors, without compromising quality or potency. You may notice a slightly smaller yield, but you will not be disappointed by the quality.

AK-47’s parents genetics come from South America, Colombia, Mexico, as well as Thailand, this strain has a complex blend of flavours and effects.

This AK-47 strain has a fairly short growing time of 7 weeks from the beginning of flowering. AK-47 FAST Flowering seeds are known to produce dense indica like buds with earthy, pungent, and sweet tastes as well as a staggering yield, AK-47 Seeds boast up to 650-750g per m² indoor.

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