Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow

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Auto White Widow


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Auto White Widow Feminized Seeds

Auto White Widow Strain has so many great qualities but one of her famous characteristics is the outstanding resin production. This superb Sativa/Indica hybrid will produce a stunning weed plant that with a spectacular white crystal coating.

Ruderalis was introduced to the White Widow genetics resulting in the autoflowering version of this legendary strain. The Auto version is extremely close to the non-auto parent, a super easy to grow plant for those who are looking for premium White Widow Genetics with the added benefit of a speedy auto flowering time.

In her short growing cycle of only 10-12 weeks from seed to harvest this Auto White Widow strain will grow an impressive amount of dense buds where she can yield a massive bounty when grown in optimal indoor conditions. Grown outdoors in good conditions, she will yield as much as 275g per plant.

This easy Autoflower white widow strain will generally reach a height of 18-36 inches indoors and an outdoor height of up to two feet, she does have a tendency to stretch and develop long lanky branches. Buds can be get so big that it is best to introduce some plat support midway through the flowering stage to provide extra support.

White Widow can tolerate cooler climates as long as temperatures don’t drop below 10°C. This makes these Auto White Widow seeds a good choice for northern outdoors climates in North America and Europe.

Auto White Widow smokes with an intense flavour that blends sweet and flowery notes with some hints of sour and citrus. The plant makes for an extremely pleasant and aromatic smoke and provide a powerful, long lasting body high. White Widow is the perfect smoke if you want relaxation with excellent medicinal properties.

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CBD white Widow Feminized

New at this. Started inside under a lamp, then took outside when weather got warmer. This pic shows now with newer plant in front. Big and healthy, smells great. No flowers yet. It did go into shock when I brought it out but recovered nicely as you can see. 4 of the 5 seeds sprouted


I have no problem with seed king I have yet to plant the seeds

Will definitely use seed king again!

I received my white widow seeds quickly and discreetly. No trouble with the germination and my plants are looking healthy and great. Thanks guys!

Not everything works out

All five seeds sprouted. Put in soil mix, none came up? Probably my fault.

White Widow

Seed kings is going to become my go to seed supplier from now on, I purchased some auto seeds from off a recommendation and Im glad that I went with them, Sent me 5 fem seeds that all germinated and doing well now, healthy and growing. Already recommended them to other people if they looking for seeds.

So far so good

Grow baby grow

new to me

they all came in to this world to get me BUZZZED

White Widow Auto

Arrived quick and discrete. Growing amazing. Currently in very early flower stage. 3 white widow auto flowers from in a 4x4 tent under 4 cheap 600w led’s. Predicting 1/2 lb yield like my the last 3 autos from seedking. I will continue to buy all seeds from seedking. They do not disappoint and the results with the optimal conditions are staggering.