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Gelato Seeds

Gelato seeds are a popular new hybrid cannabis strain that owes its lineage to Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. The fruity taste is reminiscent of the ice cream its name is linked to. The flowers often become a dark purple close to harvest, with pronounced orange hairs.

This is a gorgeous plant that is easy to grow and maintain, it is the definition of eye candy when grown in optimal conditions. These are just a few of the many reasons that this gelato cannabis strain has become very popular amongst home growers. 

Gelato buds are known for their relaxed and happy high, with mild a euphoria and an excellent choice if you’re looking to stoke your creativity. Beginners however should be careful using Gelato weed for the first time or with a low tolerance, as its high THC content can make this strain quite intimidating.

Stress and depression are two of the main medical conditions which Gelato can help with, as well as pain and insomnia issues, and can help those who suffer from a lack of appetite. Common side effects however are a dry mouth and dry eyes. The lesser known effects include possible anxiousness (which could be a problem if you already suffer from anxiety), slight paranoia, and dizziness in those with a low tolerance to cannabis.

The creamy, dessert-like taste is really what makes Gelato such a popular strain. The bright and attractive flower is also quite striking and will appeal to growers of all levels. Overall, this is an ideal strain for those who want a unique, long-lasting high, but also want to be able to function normally.

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Gelato first try

Bought gelato as my first purchase from seedking. 100% germination. Planted indoors. A little disappointed with the size but I'm sure is was my lack of knowledge. Quality is good. Can't wait to buy again.

Great Seeds as Always

Seeds are always packaged perfectly and come fast!

Best in town

I love seedking there good ever had issues. Germinating as we speak.

Great Business

First shipment didn't show, Seed King re shipped without any issues. Germinating as I type now.

Excellent quality

Recieved seeds very fast and they popped within 5 days. Growing fast. Strong and healthy.


Received the seeds in a timely manner. All seeds popped and are starting a great green life for me.