Grape Ape Seeds

Grape Ape Seeds

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Grape Ape Seeds

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Grape Ape Seeds

Grape Ape is a spectacular strain highly prized by many North American cannabis connoisseurs. When Grape Ape grows in your garden it will quickly become a favorite thanks to its striking appearance, intoxicating smell and terrific high.

Grape Ape Genetics

Grape Ape is a modern version of the classic California Purple strains. The Grape Ape strain is a cross of Mendocino Purps and Skunk #1. Many popular purple strains have circulated around the west coast for years but Grape Ape rises above the rest and proves itself to be an exceptional hybrid in the Purps lineage.

Flavor and Aroma

Grape Ape is full of bag appeal, with dense purple and copper-colored buds coated with tons of mega sticky crystals. The aroma and taste are a one-of-a-kind combo of grape bubble gum and a skunky diesely funkiness. Properly cured Grape Ape is an experience that will leave you singing the praise of this epic strain.

Medical Benefits

Grape Ape is a perfect for nighttime use or when you’re looking for a relaxed chill session. This strain is very popular with medical users for its ability to manage pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, calm PTSD and stimulate the appetite. High levels of the terpene Myrcene are present and it’s thought to bring many medical benefits. Within minutes of vaping or smoking your muscles and joints with feel relief and your mind will be calm. Grape Ape has a long-lasting high that can leave you feeling the effects even after a long nap.

Medium THC / Low CBD

The average THC content is medium to high at 18%-24%, and the CBD content is low at only .07%. Grape Ape is an almost pure indica at 90%-10% and delivers a mild couch-lock that usually only breaks when you head to the kitchen with an epic case of the munchies.

Growing the Grape Ape Strain

Feminized Grape Ape seeds are moderately easy to grow, the plant has a low growing profile and is easy to trim. This strain has good resistance to insects, mold, fungus, and bacteria. Grape Ape strain grows successfully indoors and outdoors in most mediums. Average yield is 16oz/m2 indoors and 28oz per plant outside. Grape Ape plants will be ready to harvest in 7-8 weeks indoors and from late September to early October when grown outside. If you’re searching for a delicious top shelf indica dominant strain, Grape Ape weed is sure to please.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
They work!

Got a pack of 3. Planted 1.

Growing healthy, and I even managed to start a clone off this little gal.

Very pleased with seedking

Grape Ape cruising through veg

This plant has been strong from the start. Seems to like half power nutrients. Node structure is very tight with lots of strong stocky branches! Topped at the 6th node and have lots of new tops poking up. She is filling up the trellis quickly. Can't wait to flip to flower and smoke this baby.

great seeds

all 3 of my seeds popped and is growing beautifully, can't wait to flower these girls

Looking good

3/5 germinated... looking good so far.

Grape ape

Waiting on some purple colors, smells like grapes and is super dense/frosty

Supper sprout

Sprouted in two days, wow, still in grow but looks great.

Grape ape

Great quick growing plant, nice vibrant colours and strong smell.
Definitely recommend this one.
Shipment was also quite quick and very well packaged.

Healthy looking plants!

No issues with shipping and growth has been excellence. Excited to see how these flowers turn out.

Grape Ape seeds

First order never arrived but the folks at SeedKing shipped out a second order of seeds which did arrive (at no extra cost) and are now in the ground. Plants are strong and healthy at 5 weeks old. Growing in organic soil and rapidly getting larger every day. So far very happy but the end product will speak for itself.


Grape Ape

Shipping was fast. Front two are Grape Ape.growing good 100% germination first 2 seed i popped. Can't wait to flower.