HiLo CBD Seeds – 20:1

HiLo CBD Seeds – 20:1

HiLo CBD Seeds

HiLo CBD Seeds – 20:1


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HiLo CBD Seeds – 20% CBD – 1% THC

HiLo is an incredible new High CBD dominant cannabis strain with 20% CBD and just 1% THC. This exceptional medical strain has quickly become one of our most popular, buds produce an impressive amount of resin which is ideal for medicinal use, especially with extracts, distillates, oils, and tinctures.

This CBD-rich feminized cannabis strain contains virtually no THC and as a result it has little to no psychoactive effect. HiLo CBD is the perfect strain for anyone looking for a health boost and a daily pick-me-up without any psychoactive activity.

Widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, studies now show CBD can effectively treat certain individuals who experience epileptic seizures, and who are otherwise resistant to current medical treatments. CBD has also been shown to be a great mood stabilizer that may effectively treat anxiety and depression.

The 20:1 ratio is our highest CBD:THC ratio strain, with only a small serving of THC to optimize effects. This ratio is non-psychoactive by design and researchers have found anything higher than 20:1 CBD/THC, may have diminishing medicinal effects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
CBD Seed review

Germinated 3 seeds. Saving the last 2 for later.
3 plants growing well. 1 has definite sativa traits, (tall, few or small bracts and thin leaves) one has definite indica traits. (Shorter stalkier plant, broad leaves big bracts that are growing fast) The third seems to be a mix of the two.
I'm not sure if this is normal or not. It's my first time growing cannabis.
The ordering and delivery process was quick and seamless. Well done folks. Thanks

Great Quality

Started them they popped transplanted them growing well 5 inches high
Very happy

Top Quality Beans !!!

All my seeds popped perfectly, and the little lovely's are looking great after only a week!
I can't wait to put this strain to the test.
Thanks SK !!!

100% germination

I purchased 5 of these ladies which are currently in week 4 of veg and they are looking great. I had 100% germination and all of these ladies are healthy and thriving. Cant wait to make some oil out of these!


Germinated the seeds and they sprung roots in 2 days! Fantastic. Planted them and the next day they came up. Plants are about 1 1/2 inches tall overnite with 4 leaves on them. These were super fast! Can't wait to see how well they grow.