True OG Kush Seeds

True OG Kush Seeds

True OG Kush Seeds

True OG Kush Seeds


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True OG Kush Seeds

The True OG Kush strain is an extremely popular indica strain originating in Southern California, where the term OG originally meant “Ocean Grown”.

This True OG strain was bred by selectively breeding various OG Kush phenotypes and weeding out the plants with the absolute best characteristics.

The True OG flowers in 9 weeks with typical Indica and Kush bud structure, producing large solid plants with excellent yields.

Characteristics of the True OG Kush Strain

With a long lasting mellow effect great for combating Insomnia and Pain, this True OG Kush Strain also delivers a delectably sweet and fruity flavour.


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TruE oG

this strain was underestimated by me bigtime I made the mistake of not cloning this.. these are the things I notice when smoking this strain 1. the HigH' is strong 2..good taste 3.very longlasting HigH'' the length of the buzz is really descent long. I have grown many strains this strain (TruE oG) which I bought from ''Seed kinG'' is great. seed king itself sells excellent seeds and all germinated no problem not only is the seeds great but the service from seed king is great as well with no issues in postal delivery, I will definitely be coming back..

I love it!

I first thought this strain was a bit weak or at least the batch I had was. but then it creeps on you very quickly! one of my favorite strains. I don't get the munchies with it, but food some how tastes amazing no matter what. amazing anxiety reduction and it's a calm head high for me. you can get things done while smoking this strain, but also relax with it too.

OG Kush autoflowering

Very disappointed. Two seeds out of five went no where. The two plants were small and produced so little it’s not worth it. Would love to grow some but bigger plants.