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Wedding Cake Seeds

Wedding Cake Seeds


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Wedding Cake Seeds

Wedding Cake has quickly become one of our more popular strains, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie that also goes by the name Pink Cookies. Wedding cake cannabis is a real treat for the senses, producing beautifully pungent, sugar coated buds that turn purple in the right conditions. The flowers are best described as having a sweet taste with earthy undertones. You might even get a hint of vanilla, which balances out the sweetness perfectly and gives it quite a unique taste.

This is also a magnificent medical strain that has been embraced by the medical community as it offers up a relaxed and happy high that is great for anyone feeling stressed out, or troubled by mild depression. Pain and insomnia are two other medical conditions that can be relieved by this Wedding Cake cannabis strain.

High THC Content

Wedding Cake cannabis strain should be used with care, as the THC content can be up to 25% or more. This is likely not the best choice for beginners for that very reason. Too the uninitiated, possible side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, potential dizziness. However these effects vary widely based on tolerance and experience. Wedding Cake weed is therefore best left for experienced users.

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Seedking purchase

Hi, this is my 2nd purchase from "Seedking". 1st was Super Skunk, then Wedding Cake. Both times I received my order of 10 seeds in about 2 weeks, and both times, all of my "feminized" seeds fully germinated. I have half of each inside, and half outside. All plants look extremely healthy. I cant wait till the finished product. I was skeptical at first about buying seeds online, but after dealing with "Seedking" , all my worries are put to rest. I'll give "Seedking" a 2 thumbs up, and will continue to purchase from them in the future.

Bad seeds

Hi I had a very bad experience my seed started out good one didn't pop out of the four they seemed okay all of a sudden the leaves started to turn they were all deceased and they completely infected the other ones the one that had a disease so I had to throw them all out it's okay I'm just very disappointed right now

Fast growing

These seeds did very well in a very short time..Highly recommend


Planted March 1 seven weeks old and is starting to just go crazy now, grown out doors.

Seeds all good

Germinated 3 seeds they all are fine and the plants are healthy, can’t wait to see how they finish up. The three in the back are the wedding cske

Received my seeds!!

I placed my order on January 21st, my payment cleared on January 24th, and I received my seeds in good condition today on February 6th. Really looking forward to popping these beans.