White Rhino Seeds


White Rhino Seeds

White Rhino Seeds

White Rhino Seeds


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White Rhino Seeds

White Rhino Seeds are a combination of genetics from Afghanistan, Brazil, and India.

These White Rhino Seeds have a relatively short flowering time indoors of 6 weeks with heavy indica production indoors of up to 2.5 oz. per square foot, White Rhino is a popular strain for growers looking for a productive harvest. Outdoor harvest dates are towards the end of September to beginning of October with an outdoor harvest of up to 1.8 – 2 pounds per plant, depending on size.

This exceptional White Rhino has a fruity smell, with a very intense sweet and floral taste, accompanied by a heavy almost narcotic effect.

This is an intensely potent hybrid that has been bred to maximize the resin content and yield of the famous White Widow.

This hybrid is also useful for medicinal purposes, due to a high THC content coupled with significant amounts of CBD and CBN. It’s used with great success as pain relief, for combating Multiple Sclerosis as well as being a great sleep aid.

Characteristics of the White Rhino Strain

SeedbankCanuk Seeds
Strain GeneticsAfghanica
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time42 days
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest MonthSeptember
Taste / FlavorFruity, Sweet
CBD ContentHigh
THC Content24%
YieldIndoors: up to 2.5 oz. / square foot, outdoors: up to 1.8 pounds / plant


White Rhino Seeds – Genetic Information


With huge, dense, crystalf-rosted buds, this is a gtreat plant for all Indica lovers and commercial growers. White Rhino Seeds by Canuk Seeds.

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I am very pleased with the service from seedking and had no problems with customs like i did with other companys

White Rhino

This White Rhino was under a T5 6500k for 3 weeks and has spent the last week under a G8 900 watt. This plant is short and internidal spacing is tight. Idk how it will finish out because it is my first grow. These seeds popped easily and have been easy to grow.

White Rhino

All Germinated very quickly using the paper towel method and heating pad and looked great till....the kitten got them... Beware pets love to eat greens.


They were fast! planted them 3 days after they cracked open, all of them were strong seeds!